Timeline & Planner

ARKCDA Timeline & Monthly Events Schedule – Revised, Summer, 2017

Original document by Mary Schapiro, edited by Tina Niederbrach, Tom Street, et al.

This document is not intended to be all inclusive. Use extra space below each month to add your own details. Comments and/or suggestions should be sent to info@arkcda.org.

PDF version is available H E R E.



  • Pre-register for ARACDA Summer Convention (possibly as early as June.)
  • Pre-order all region and state music and practice media.
  • Attend ArkCDA Summer Inservice
  • ARACDA Summer Convention occurs this month. Attend to meet other directors, attend presentations by guest clinicians, read new music, order/pick up region and state music and rehearsal media. (Available through J & B Music). Attend your region meeting and meet your region chair.


  • Find out how your school uses purchase orders/bus transportation requests/eligibility requirements.
  • Submit all requests for facilities (auditoruim, etc.), and transportation
    • If you put this off you’re more likely to run into scheduling problems.
  • Tune rehearsal pianos
  • Familiarize yourself with the ArkCDA CPA and Region/State Tryout manuals.
  • Request professional leave days for All-State, ACDA conventions
  • Join ACDA, and NAFME (Formerly known as MENC)
  • Print your calendar of events for hand-outs to give to parents, students, administrators, place it on your choir’s website
  • Know your school’s testing dates and ACT/SAT testing dates
  • Register your school for the upcoming year online. October 1 is the deadline before a penalty is added.
  • Make certain you are signed up for your region mailing list .
  • Order uniforms.
  • Set fund raiser dates and place on the school calendar.
  • Meet with booster organization if you have one.
  • Check information for the ARKMEA fall workshop.



  • Register eligible students online for Region Auditions. Refer to the ArkCDA Region/State manual for rules.
  • Attend senior high region audition workshops at various colleges and universities around the state. Check your region page on the website for one near you.
  • Cut checks for region tryout and clinic fees
  • Check out available Invitational festivals, prepare to attend one.
  • ArkCDA school registration continues through September 30.
  • Print your calendar of events for future reference.


  • Register for ARKMEA/MENC workshops 30 days prior to the event.
  • Go over the audition process with your students.
  • ArkCDA school membership fees must be in by October 1, along with your list of eligible students, accompanied by the AAA General Eligibility form signed by your principal for the fall semester AND a roster of eligible students. See the website for instructions on how to submit these online. To see the eligibility rules refer to pages 30-31 of the AAA Handbook.
  • All-region auditions for junior and senior high students usually are held this month. This is the first step to All-state auditions for senior high students. All directors who take students to auditions will be expected to work in some capacity – judge, tally room, student supervision, etc.
  • If your region has extra choirs (SSA, etc.), be sure that your students know those pieces before Region Clinic.
  • What are CPA and PML?
    (Choral Performance Assessment and the Required Music List)
  • And what about those trip chaperones?


  • Region Clinics for the all-region choirs are traditionally held this month. Your students in the honor choirs should know their music before they come to the Clinic. Rehearsals will be held and then a concert presented in the afternoon or evening. Be sure you check on what is appropriate concert attire for your students for this event. Do they have black folders for music? Do they have a pencil in that folder?
  • If you have alternates for the all-region choruses make sure that they are prepared to attend the clinic.
  • Attend all-region even if you don’t have any students; you can learn a lot!
  • Get pictures of your all-region students to the local paper with information about the event
  • Do you need more trip chaperones?
  • Order All State music and practice media
  • Make hotel reservations for all state tryouts if necessary. Motels fill up early!


  • Hand out all-state music and practice media to students that are eligible to audition for all-state
  • Contact your local paper with your performance schedule for winter concerts-provide a picture of the choir or let them know of optimal photo opportunities.
  • This month is yours. There are no ArkCDA events.
  • CPA is on the way. Have you selected your music from the required list or gotten it approved?


  • Check student eligibility for second semester
  • Make arrangements to attend all-state- make hotel arrangements for approximate number of students and chaperones and cancel unneeded rooms later.
  • Check the auditions cancellation list on the ArkCDA website.(The closer to the auditions the more frequently you should check this – right up until the day before auditions!)
  • Tune pianos
  • Begin practicing the ArkCDA sight-reading procedure at CPA-refer to the CPA handbook for rules.
  • Workshops on the All-State audition music will be held at those same colleges and universities you went to in the fall. This is especially good if you have a small number of students trying out.
  • Have you submitted your CPA music to the Junior or Senior Section Chair for approval if you didn’t select something from the required list? The deadline is February 1st. Last chance.
  • Spring student eligibility lists must be submitted by February 1.
  • Have you registered for your Region CPA?
  • Begin recruiting for next year. Many schools have CAPS conferences coming up where students will plan their next years’ schedule.
  • Begin looking for pre-registration information for ACDA Division or National Convention.


  • Check the bad-weather date (Usually the Wednesday following the original date) for all-state tryouts, inform your principal of that possibility.
  • Request check for Region CPA fees.
    • You can see your fees on the website.
  • Check to see if your transportation requests are settled.
  • Eligibility lists due February 1. See October for instructions.
  • All-State auditions are the first Friday of this month. The location will rotate between Conway, Arkadelphia, Russellville and Jonesboro. Check your calendar you printed in the fall for the site.
  • All-State Clinic is in Hot Springs at the Convention Center. Make your all state housing reservations as soon as possible after the tryouts.
    • It’s better to be optimistic and reserve rooms early and the cancel what you don’t need.
  • Region CPA’s begin the last weekend of the month. Check for your Region’s event. This is a qualifying event for the State CPA for senior high groups, I’s or IIR’s.


  • Register for State Festival and State Solo & Small Ensemble (To register for state all you need to do is change the event from your Region CPA to State Festival on the online form).
  • Cut checks for entry fees for those events
  • Attend ACDA convention
  • Region CPA’s continue for the remaining regions.
  • When is Benchmark testing?
  • And when is your spring break?!?!


  • The State Festival and Solo & Small Ensemble Festivals are held this month! Groups with I’s or IIR average are eligible to attend State Festival. Any member school can enter students in the Solo & Small Ensemble Festival. This is a five day event; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 1A, 2A & 4A schools will go one day and 5A on another, 3A & 6A on another, and 7A schools on another. You may use the same selections you performed at the Region CPA. You do not sight-read at State CPA. The State Solo & Small Ensemble (for all classes) will be on Saturday.
  • Order your Sweepstakes Trophies
  • Hold auditions for your select choruses
  • Prepare for your Awards Banquet
  • Choose to attend invitational events for BBS/Show Choirs
  • Region planning meetings are scheduled no later than May 1. Attend the meeting so you will know when dates are for the next school year.


  • Understand the end-of -year check-out procedures for your school
  • Be sure you have a filing system for all your music. AND use it!
  • Submit your budget to your administrator
  • Find out who is on your roster for next year.
  • Add next year’s choir dates to the school calendar, reserving facilities that need to be reserved
  • Schedule performance dates
  • Submit your MENTOR evaluation forms
  • Check music publisher websites for new materials
  • Concert, baccalaureate, graduation, all those things that choral people have to do to finish off the year.
  • The rest of the month is yours.


  • Verify all region/state/local concert dates for the next year are on the school calendar
  • Register for ArkCDA Summer Inservice in July
  • Watch for pre-registration information for the ARACDA Summer Convention
  • R & R!!!