Constitution & Bylaws



  1. To approve, develop and direct all interscholastic choral activities among member schools.
  2. To provide, through worthwhile musical experiences, for the development of music literacy, discipline, character and citizenship.
  3. To promote choral singing and to provide artistic and aesthetic experiences for the participants.
  4. To promote the finest types of choral singing.
  5. To promote new and superior techniques in the art of organization as applied to the vocal music situation.
  6. To encourage rehearsal procedures conducive to obtaining the highest possible level of musicianship and artistic performance.
  7. To encourage the highest possible standards in choral performance.
  8. To promote a more intelligent understanding of choral music as an important medium of artistic expression.
  9. To provide for the students and choral directors of Arkansas , clinic situations for the observation of technical proficiencies of the highest level.
  10. To evaluate the best that is taught in a school system in comparison to the best taught in other schools.
  11. To provide opportunities to develop and to demonstrate before the public, knowledge, skills, and emotional expressions taught through a particular activity.
  12. To improve the professional status of choral directors in Arkansas .
  13. To promote cultural, intellectual, material, social, and civic interest in the profession.
  14. To create statewide, good will, fellowship, and fraternal spirit.
  15. To advise and counsel with the state educational organizations on matters of educational and professional interest.


1. For the purpose of interscholastic choral activities, the state of Arkansas shall be divided into a minimum of six geographic regions: (2016)

  1. Region 1; north and east to the state border on the north, southeast to Forrest City, southwest to Searcy, west to Mountain View
  2. Region 2; north to Marshall, northeast to Beebe, east to Hazen, south to Little Rock, west to Conway
  3. Region 3; south, east and west to the state border, north to Bryant
  4. Region 4;  north to Clarksville, east to Morrilton, southwest to Waldron, west to Fort Smith
  5. Region 5; north to Springdale, east to Jasper, south to Alma, west to Van Buren
  6. Region 6; north to the state border, east to Mountain Home, south to Harrison, west to the state border (includes Siloam Springs)

2. Any school which desires to participate in ArkCDA sponsored activities must be a member of the Arkansas Activities Association and must pay a participation fee on or before October 1 of each year. This fee includes one voting membership.

  1. Any person who is interested in the promotion of vocal music education in Arkansas may become an associate member of the ArkCDA upon payment of the prescribed dues. Associate members have the rights and privileges of active members, with the exception of voting and holding office.
  2. Sustaining memberships are available to firms and representatives of firms, upon payment of the proper dues.
  3. Any person whom the association wishes to honor, whose counsel is desired, who has retired from active directing, or who is interested in the association, may become a non-voting, honorary member, by the nomination and majority vote of the executive board.


1. The officers of the association shall be,

  1. president
  2. president-elect
  3. past-president
  4. executive director
  5. senior high section chair
  6. junior high/middle school section chair
  7. all state chair

2. The board of directors shall consist of the officers named above plus the overall chair of each region.

3. With the exception of the executive director, the officers defined in number 1 above shall be elected at an annual meeting, by a majority vote of the members present.

  1. Region chairs shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at a regular or called meeting of each region.
  2. Newly elected officers and members of the board of directors shall assume office on July 1, following their election.
  3. Officers and region chairs shall hold office for two years. Any officer may be elected to succeed him/herself in the same office.
  4. Any current officer may be elected to fill another office in the event of a vacancy. A successor to a vacant office shall hold office for the remainder of the original term, unless duly re-elected.


1. The PRESIDENT shall

  1. preside over all meetings of the association and the board of directors
  2. enforce the constitution and bylaws of the association
  3. call regular or special meetings as provided by the constitution
  4. supervise the affairs of the association by being present at all ArkCDA state level events
  5. appoint committees and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the nominating committee
  6. take action or make decisions on behalf of the association when immediate action is necessary
  7. serve on the all state music conference committee


  1. prepare to assume the office of president at the end of his/her current term
  2. perform all duties of the president in his/her absence, disability, or resignation
  3. assist the president in matters pertaining to the administration and direction of the affairs of the association
  4. consult with the Arkansas ACDA board concerning ArkCDA interests at the annual music reading clinic
  5. serve on the board of directors
  6. facilitate the interest sessions and evening performances for directors at all state
  7. serve on the all state music conference committee


  1. supervise senior high section activities
  2. supervise the state choral festival
  3. serve on the board of directors
  4. approve senior high CPA music not listed in the prescribed music list


  1. supervise junior high/middle school activities
  2. serve on the board of directors
  3. approve junior high/middle school CPA music not listed in the prescribed music list

5. The ALL STATE CHAIR shall

  1. serve as an intern at the tryout and clinic immediately following the year of his/her election (2012)
  2. supervise the all state choir auditions
  3. meet with the judges for instructions prior to the auditions
  4. insure that all judges conduct the audition in a consistent, professional manner
  5. secure adjudication and ranking forms from the judges at the completion of the tryout in each section (These should be held until the section has been scored and the results printed and confirmed)
  6. supervise the annual all state choir clinic
  7. serve on the board of directors
  8. serve on the all state music conference committee


  1. serve on the board of directors
  2. serve on the all state music conference committee
  3. serve as the mentor chair (2013)
  4. Work closely with the President and Executive Director to oversee the ArkCDA Mentor Program.
  5. Duties shall include but not be limited to;
  6. Continue to develop the Mentor Training sessions.
  7. Introduce a recalibration session for mentors every 5 years.
  8. Fall interest session for mentors and protégées.
  9. Maintain a pool of eligible mentors.
  10. Assist with the assignment of mentors in consultation with Region Chairs and Executive Director.
  11. Track progress of program through documentation on website.
  12. Work with ACDA and NAfME groups to foster this program throughout the state.
  13. Develop a visiting protocol sheet for documentation of visits to classrooms between protégées and mentors.
  14. Compile a best practices packet for protégées.
  15. Develop a conference for the protégées during the summer meeting for mentors.
  16. Begin a library of resources (DVD’s, books, CD’s, videos of interest sessions) to be housed at ArkCDA headquarters of particular need to novice teachers. (OR, explore the possibility of a grant to donate these items to the area Coops.

7. The REGION CHAIRS shall

  1. organize and supervise all vocal activities on the region level with the aid of event managers according to the ArkCDA All Region/State and Choral Performance Assessment (CPA) manuals
  2. serve on the board of directors


  1. oversee the general management of the operation of the ArkCDA
  2. keep an accurate record of all proceedings during the meetings of the association
  3. make an accurate report of his/her work to the association at the annual meetings and to the board of directors at board meetings
  4. complete assigned correspondence for the association and the board
  5. serve as an ex-officio member of the board of directors
  6. prepare the agenda for the annual meetings through consultation with the board of directors
  7. maintain the ArkCDA web site
  8. clear all dates of the ArkCDA with the Arkansas Activities Association and act as a liaison between the two organizations
  9. work with the Arkansas Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association on the annual music reading clinic, and other matters related to choral music in Arkansas
  10. serve as the ex-officio secretary of all committees
  11. promote and assist with junior high level activities
  12. publicize choral activities
  13. serve as information director for the association
  14. rule on points of order and inform the assembly of proper parliamentary procedure
  15. assume other responsibilities as assigned by the board and the president
  16. serve on the all state music conference committee
  17. assign all state accompanists, after consulting with the president
  18. compile lists of the region/state clinic music for next years’ clinic and submit them to the reading clinic vendor and rehearsal cd supplier
  19. organize the all state choir tryouts
  20. organize the all state choir clinic
  21. organize the state festival and the state solo & small ensemble festival
  22. collect participation fees and dues
  23. keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures
  24. sign all checks drawn on the association
  25. make an accurate report of the financial record of the association during the annual or special meetings of the association and/or board of directors
  26. be authorized to send a memorial in the amount of $25.00 in the event of the death of a member, past member, or his/her spouse or children, in his/her memory
  27. employ CPA adjudicators, in communication with the president, junior and senior section, and the individual region chair.

9. In addition to the executive director, the president, past president and president elect shall be authorized to sign checks on behalf of the association.

10. The region chairs shall serve on the Finance and Audit committee to oversee the financial records of the association. The committee will meet to review the records at the annual summer meeting.



  1. formulate and interpret policies to sustain and perpetuate the ArkCDA
  2. implement the ideals and purposes of the association
  3. provide for the best interests of the members at large
  4. transact business that is referred by the association while in general session
  5. select and employ an Executive Director to give full time to the affairs of the association at an annual salary (also determined by the board) to be paid monthly
  6. review all fees, honoraria, stipends, and salaries on an annual basis and make recommendations to adjust as needed
  7. The board of directors shall cooperate with the president in the administration of the affairs of the association.
  8. The board of directors shall interpret the constitution and bylaws.
  9. The board of directors shall serve as a board of arbitration in matters involving differences or difficulties between member schools.
  10. The board shall have the authority to suspend any member or member school for refusal to abide by the regulations of the association, or to accept the rulings of duly constituted authorities, including committees, and/or CPA judges.
  11. Any member or member school suspended from the association may appeal such suspension and may make application for reinstatement.
  12. If such application is approved by the board of directors, the suspended member or member school shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership upon payment of any current dues.

2. If any officer of the association should, in the opinion of three or more board members, fail to execute the responsibilities of his/her office, the board may request the resignation of said officer.

  1. The board may request removal at the next general meeting of the association.
  2. Removal shall be made final by a majority vote of the membership.
  3. A special election shall be held immediately to fill the office for the remainder of the original term.
  4. Any action agreed upon shall be incorporated into the minutes of the next meeting of the board of directors.


1. The annual meetings of the association shall be held in conjunction with the all state choir clinic in February, and the summer convention of Arkansas ACDA.

  1. Special meetings may be called by the president, with the approval of a majority of the board of directors, or at the request of not less than ten (10) active members.
  2. Notice of such special meetings shall be sent to all members, no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the called meeting.

2. Board meetings shall be held immediately prior to the annual general business meeting at the all state clinic, in early May, and at the summer convention of Arkansas ACDA.

  1. A board meeting for all incoming and outgoing board members will be scheduled annually in May.
  2. The association shall sponsor a summer leadership retreat which shall include all current and incoming board members.
  3. Expenses for the region chairpersons shall be borne by each region.
  4. Expenses for state level officers shall be borne by the state association.
  5. The board may hold special meetings as deemed necessary by the president, including the use of e-mail and other internet resources.

3. Regions shall hold planning meetings on or before May 1 each year, for the purpose of scheduling region events, and/or electing officers for the next school year.


1. The legislative power of the Arkansas Choral Directors Association shall be vested in the legislative assembly, composed of the authorized voting representative of each member school. The legislative assembly shall have the power to

  1. vote on policies proposed by the board of directors
  2. propose and enact legislation which directly affects student activities
  3. transact such other business as may be required or provided for in the constitution and bylaws.
  4. Each member school shall be entitled to one (1) vote on matters which directly affect student activities.
  5. A qualified delegate must be the choral director or other adult duly authorized to represent the member school.
  6. A quorum is defined as those in attendance at any legislative meeting. Three weeks notice of all legislative meetings is mandatory.


1. On or before the date of the annual summer meeting, in the ODD numbered years, the president shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of the region chairs or proper representative of each region.

  1. The nominating committee shall prepare and submit to the membership, the names of the candidates for the office of;
  2. president-elect
  3. all state chair
  4. senior high section chair
  5. junior high/middle school section chair
  6. any other officers necessary at the legislative meeting
  7. Further nominations may be made from the floor.

2. These officers shall serve two year terms, beginning July 1 of the following EVEN numbered year.

3. Region chairs shall be elected in the EVEN numbered years and shall serve a two year term, beginning July 1 of the following ODD numbered year.

4. Election of the state level officers shall be made by ballot at the legislative meeting and a majority vote shall elect.

  1. In the event that there is a single nominee for an office, the rules may be suspended with the consent of two thirds of the members present, and the executive director shall record the vote as unanimous.

5. For the purpose of election of officers and the Distinguished Director Award ballots shall be limited to one (1) vote per person.


1. The president, with the approval of the board of directors, may make appointments as required to fill a vacancy in any office, in the board of directors, or in any committee.

  1. Such appointees shall hold office for the remainder of the present term, or until a successor is elected or appointed in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and bylaws.


1. All proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws shall be presented to the president and the board of directors, and shall be submitted to the membership, subject to board approval, no less than three weeks prior to any legislative meeting.

  1. Amendments in the all region/state and CPA manuals may be proposed at any legislative meeting and do not require advanced notice.
  2. Proposed amendments shall be read at the legislative meeting.
  3. If approved by a majority vote of the members present, the amendment shall carry and shall be placed into the constitution and bylaws.
  4. The board of directors shall act as a constitutional committee, and shall review the constitutionand shall recommend amendments or other revisions as needed.


1. All ArkCDA officers shall be reimbursed for necessary meals and lodging, plus mileage limits allowed by the internal revenue service for expenses incurred while traveling to and meeting on behalf of the association.

  1. The association shall assume the responsibility for all phone calls, postage, or other expenses incurred by the officers, on behalf of the association.
  2. Meals will be reimbursed on a per diem basis using the following amounts (receipts not necessary); (2012)
  3. In State – Breakfast – $10, Lunch – $15, Dinner – $25
  4. Out of State – Breakfast – $15, Lunch – $20, Dinner – $30


1. All business meetings of the Arkansas Choral Directors Association shall be governed by the parliamentary procedures outlined in ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, REVISED.




1. *School Membership Fee (includes one voting membership)

AAA Classification Junior High Fee Senior High Fee
1A $86.00 $109.00
2A $132.00 $155.00
3A $178.00 $201.00
4A $224.00 $247.00
5A $270.00 $298.00
6A $316.00 $339.00
7A $362.00 $385.00

*Adjusted for the 2013-14 school year

  1. Each school’s classification shall be determined as listed in the most current directory of the Arkansas Activities Association
  2. Personal Checks will not be accepted as payment for school membership fees. (2012)

2. Associate Memberships (College/Univ.) are $50.00 per person

3. Sustaining Memberships (Business) are $35.00 per firm

  1. includes one representative
  2. additional representatives = $10.00 each
4. Fees
CPA/State Festival All Region/State
CPA Fees = $125.00 maximum per time slot Region Audition Fees = $10.00 maximum per student
Solo, Duet, Trio Fees = $10.00 maximum per time slot State Audition Fees = $10.00
State Fees = $125 per group Region Clinic Fees = $10.00 maximum per student (may exceed if they include meal, t-shirt, etc..)
State Solo, Duet, Trio Fees = $10 per student All State Audition Fees = $10.00 per student
All State Clinic Fees = $10.00 per student

5. Double fees shall be assessed those schools which fail to remit the proper fees by the deadline for payment.

6. Fees for students or groups (including cancellations that occur after the close of online registration) at ArkCDA events will be payable at the close of online registration for the event.

  1. A school with unpaid fees at the day-of registration at any ArkCDA event will only be allowed to participate upon signing a Notice of Delinquent Fees form and will not be allowed to participate in any future ArkCDA events until the overdue fees are paid in full and the form is destroyed.
  2. Regions may determine their own fee structure, based on a charge per time slot, not to exceed the given maximums.
  3. Refunds for fees paid to ArkCDA sponsored events will only be made upon approval by the executive board based on a case by case consideration. Requests for refunds will be considered at the next regular board meeting following the event.


1. Honoraria

  1. All State Clinician – A maximum of $1600.00 for the entire event, plus expenses, including the current mileage rate or coach class air transportation; $400 per clinician ($1200 total) will be subsidized by the state before computing the region pro-rates.
  2. All Region Clinician – A minimum of $200.00 for the entire event, plus expenses
  3. All State Chair – $200.00
  4. All State Accompanist – $600.00 per year for the entire event plus expenses, including the current mileage rate.
  5. CPA/State Festival Adjudicator – (2012)
  6. CPA -$100.00 per day (four hours or less), $200.00 per day or $25 per hour over 8 hours, plus the current mileage rate, or coach class air transportation (2014)
  7. State Festival – $225.00 per day or $28 per hour over 8 hours, plus the current mileage rate, or coach class air transportation
  8. Junior Section Chair – $100.00
  9. Senior Section Chair – $100.00
  10. The ArkCDA president shall have his or her actual expenses paid to attend the regional and national conventions of the American Choral Directors Association, or Music Educators National Conference.

2. Salaries

  1. The ArkCDA executive director shall receive an annual base salary of $40,000.00 per year, payable in monthly installments.
  2. The base salary will be adjusted by a COLA on July 1 of each fiscal year, equal to the increased inflation rate of the previous calendar year, not to exceed 3%
  3. The COLA shall be reviewed at the end of the current fiscal year by the president, past-president, and president-elect.
  4. The continuation or increase of COLA’s will be dependent on the current financial status upon review.
  5. The ArkCDA executive director shall be reimbursed the actual cost of an individual health insurance policy, payable in a separate monthly check.(2012)

3. Memorials

  1. In the event of the death of a member of the ArkCDA, his or her spouse or child, the executive director is authorized to send a memorial to the proper agency, in the amount of $25.00.


1. Region and state CPA chairpersons shall submit a financial report to the principal of each participating school, to the ArkCDA executive director, and to the Arkansas Activities Association, within thirty days of the event.

2. The ArkCDA state level events shall be held on the same numbered weeks as currently authorized by the Arkansas Activities Association.

  1. Current state level activities and dates are;
  2. All State Auditions – Week 31
  3. Alternate All State Auditions – Week 32
  4. All State Clinic – Week 33
  5. State Choral, Solo & Small Ensemble Festival – Week 41

3. Region chairs shall submit dates and locations of region events to the executive director for approval by the Arkansas Activities Association.

4. Each region shall be charged its portion of the All State Choir clinic deficit on a pro-rated scale, based on the number of students from each region which participate in the clinic.

  1. Regions will be billed for this expense on April 1 of each year.
  2. Payment must be made by May 1 of each year.

5. Recruitment of a student who is in attendance at an ArkCDA sponsored event is expressly forbidden, except in those situations where the recruiter is located as a paid exhibitor at the all state clinic or when appointments are scheduled prior to the student’s attendance at an event.

  1. Any individual found to be in violation of this policy shall be ineligible to serve as an adjudicator or clinician at ArkCDA sponsored events for the period of one year.

6. No performing group from a member school shall be allowed to participate in more than two invitational choral events in any given semester.

7. For geographical considerations a school may petition to be permanently reassigned to another region.

  1. Formal request for the change should be made to the region chair of each region involved and the executive director.
  2. A two thirds majority from each region is required to pass the request.

8. Sixth grade students are not permitted to enter any ArkCDA sponsored event.

9. For the purposes of choral competition all-region tryouts and clinic and CPA/festivals shall be considered the equivalent of two separate “sports.” Ninth grade students may participate as either junior high or senior high in either activity but may not participate as a junior high student in that activity once they have competed in that same activity at the senior high level. (2017)

10. No student will be permitted to participate in an ArkCDA sponsored event without being accompanied by a properly authorized school representative.

11. ArkCDA sponsored events shall be held in compliance with all policies of the Arkansas Activities Association regarding student eligibility and the loss of instructional time for activities.

12. ArkCDA events may only be administered by individuals who have received authorized training in the management of those events.

13. Illegally photocopied music will not be allowed at any ArkCDA event.

14. Students at tryouts and CPA/state festival must be chaperoned at a ratio of no less than one adult for every 25 students. (2014)

  1. Chaperones will be documented at the registration table for each event.
  2. Failure to comply with proper chaperones and documentation will result in a letter being sent to the director noting the violation and stating that a second offense will result in a letter to the school administrator

15. A minimum of one security officer must be present at all ArkCDA events. (2014)


1. The ArkCDA shall establish provisions for a Distinguished Director Award, to be presented each year, at the all state clinic.

  1. Nominees must be active choral directors, with a minimum of five years experience in a junior high/ middle school or senior high school in Arkansas .
  2. Nominees must be active members of ArkCDA, and must participate in events sponsored by the ArkCDA.
  3. Nominees must have received a composite Division I rating in sight reading and concert at region CPA in at least three of the past five years.
  4. Nominees must be directors whose choral programs clearly demonstrate a high level of activity, student interest, and community involvement.
  5. Each region may submit up to two nominees for the award.
  6. Nominees do not necessarily have to be from within the region.
  7. Nominees must be submitted to the executive director no later than January 10.
  8. Ballots will be published on the website no later than two weeks prior to the first day of the all state clinic.
  9. Online voting will take place no later than two weeks prior to the first day of the All State Clinic.
  10. The recipient will be announced prior to the start of the all state concert.


1. The ArkCDA shall present service recognition awards to members on the following schedule;

  1. after the tenth year of service
  2. at five year increments after the tenth year
  3. upon retirement after ten years


1. Each region and its member schools, shall be required to conform to all rules and regulations as set forth by the ArkCDA, under the auspices of the Arkansas Activities Association, in the management and operation of interscholastic choral events.

2. Each region and the member schools thereof shall be subject to those penalties specified in the operations manual.

  1. Penalties not specified in the operations manual will be imposed by the president of the ArkCDA after consultation with the executive board.


3. When a violation occurs, prior to taking action on a complaint, the event manager shall notify the school and its authorized representative, of the alleged charges of violations of the rules and regulations, by a short, plain statement, in writing, in such language that the charged party (school and/or representative) shall have full and complete disclosure of the alleged acts of misconduct or impropriety, constituting the asserted violations of the rules and regulations of the association.

  1. For the purpose of this process the words “written,” “in writing” or “written notice” may include any of three forms;
  2. Notification by postal mail
  3. Notification by fax
  4. Notification by e-mail
  5. In each of these manners of notification, verification of receipt (in the same manner in which it was received) shall be required.
  6. When a violation occurs, prior to taking action on a complaint, the event manager shall notify the director of the school of the alleged charge of violations of the rules and regulations, by a short, plain statement, in writing, in such language that the charged party (school and/or representative) shall have full and complete disclosure of the alleged acts of misconduct or impropriety, constituting the asserted violations of the rules and regulations of the association.
  7. It shall not be necessary to disclose the name or names of the person(s) lodging the complaint.
  8. If the violation is alleged to have occurred at the time of the event, notice given by the event manager shall initially be served verbally, in private, documented and witnessed by at least one other director (executive board member if present).
  9. All plaques, recordings, adjudication sheets and any other materials associated with the allegation shall be held by the event manager until its final resolution.
  10. Formal notification will be in the form of a written notice, to the director involved, his or her administrator, the region chair, the ArkCDA president, and executive director.
  11. The president of the ArkCDA shall hear the evidence, both oral and documentary, and shall determine the final action to be taken.
  12. The findings of the president shall be served on the charged party or parties in the same manner as herein required for notice of violation.
  13. Unless a written objection and request for appeal is received by the event manager within ten (10) days of the transmission of said findings, the decision of the president shall be final.
  14. In the event the charged party or parties serve notice with the event manager of their objection to the final action, and requests an appeal in writing, the event manager shall, within two (2) days, notify the president of said appeal.
  15. The president shall, within four (4) days, appoint a subcommittee of the board of directors, consisting of not less than five (5) members.
  16. Within ten (10) days after the conclusion of the hearing, the subcommittee shall notify all parties of its decision in writing.
  17. Notice of the time and place of such hearing shall be served on the party or parties filing the appeal, in the same manner as herein provided for notice by the event manager.
  18. This committee shall convene for the purpose of conducting a hearing of the charges, within two (2) days after notice to the parties involved.
  19. In the event the appealing party is not satisfied with the decision of the hearing subcommittee, an appeal to the entire board of directors may be had by serving written notice of appeal, to the ArkCDA president.
  20. Upon receipt of the notice of appeal, the president shall set the date for the appeal at the next regular meeting of the board of directors, or at a special meeting, if time is of the essence in said matter.
  21. Notice of the time and place of such hearing shall be given to all parties by the president, as prescribed herein for hearings.
  22. At the conclusion of said hearing the board of directors shall, within ten (10) days, notify the party or parties of its final decision in writing.
  23. When time is of the essence in reaching a final decision telephone calls may be used in place of mail.
  24. In such cases the final decision may be conveyed in those manners but also must be conveyed formally in writing.


1. The association shall maintain a website with the domain name

  1. The website shall be the primary communications vehicle used by the association.
  2. The responsibility for checking the website for communications lies with the individual choral director.
  3. Timely information will be communicated through e-mail or text messaging.
  4. Member schools are required to include at least one e-mail address for communications purposes.
  5. The executive board may propose legislation via the website.
  6. Balloting may be conducted via the website.
  7. The executive director shall be responsible for maintaining the website.
  8. Information posted on the website that includes student names will only be located in a secured area of the website where it may only be accessible to authorized persons. (2014)


1. The ArkCDA will maintain a mentoring program to provide a network of support for new choral directors in the secondary schools of Arkansas.

  1.  Each region shall have a designated mentor chair who will be responsible for all new directors in their particular region.
  2.  The region mentor chair will be appointed by the past president in consultation with the region chair.
  3. If the region mentor chair feels that a new director would benefit from having a specifically designated mentor he or she may request the past president to assign one.
  4. To qualify as a mentor directors must have completed five years of teaching experience in Arkansas and must complete a one day training session provided by the ArkCDA.
  5. The mentoring period will last no more than three years with the required period being the first year.
  6. Less intensive contact may be necessary in years two and three.
  7. Persons who serve as mentors will be required to sign up each year to continue serving as mentors.
  8. Once an individual has completed the initial training further instruction is not required.
  9. Mentors and the mentoring process will be evaluated by protégé’s at the end of each school year.

Article 2.10 – Finances (2012)

1. Uniform financial protocols will be developed by the executve board in the management of all ArkCDA monies.

2. No individual will be allowed to receive or disburse funds on behalf of the ArkCDA without receiving professional development training to assure proper methods of accountability.

3. Training will be offered by the ArkCDA as needed to assure that every individual is properly instructed.

4. Each region, as well as the state, may establish and maintain only one checking account with a local financial institution.
  1. A second account in the form of a savings, scholarship or memorial fund may also be established.
  2. No other bank account, in any form or fashion, or for any purpose, may be established without permission from the ArkCDA Executive Board.
  3. Region level accounts require a minimum of three (3) authorized signatories from member schools on all accounts, one of whom must be the region chair.
  4. State level account signatories will include the executive director, president, president-elect, and past president.
  5. Signatories must be updated as officers rotate in and out of office.
  6. Regions may use their own Tax ID for financial accounts, or may use the ArkCDA ID.Social Security Numbers may not be used for Tax ID’s on any account.
  7.  A clear and verifiable paper trail of all monies will be maintained.
  1. This will include receipts for entry fees paid, bank deposit slips showing the deposit of funds, and invoices and/or reimbursement vouchers for funds expended.
  2. No funds should be accepted or disbursed without proper documentation.
  3. Records may be retained either through an actual physical paper trail, or may be scanned and
    maintained in digital format.