2017-18 Fee and AAA Status

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  School Spring Eligibility Region Director
Harrisburg Junior High No 1 Christopher Orr
Harrisburg Senior High Yes 1 Christopher Orr
Harrison Middle Yes 6 Beth Walters
Harrison Senior High Yes 6 Michael Crouch
Hector Junior High No 4 Lisa McBrayer
Hector Senior High Yes 4 Ryan Riley
Henderson Magnet Middle No 2 Ruth Hooper
Henderson State University No 3 Dr. Andrew Kreckmann
Heritage Senior High Yes 6 Chris Brown
Highland Middle No 1 Gregory Self
Highland Senior High Yes 1 Gregory Self
Horatio Junior High No 3 Angela Dunn
Horatio Senior High Yes 3 Angela Dunn
Hot Springs Middle No 3 Teah Edgin
Hot Springs Senior High Yes 3 Shannon Nash
Hoxie Junior High No 1 Keith Westbrook
Hoxie Senior High No 1 Keith Westbrook
Huntsville Middle Yes 5 Melinda Williams
Huntsville Senior High Yes 5 Melinda Williams
Izard County Junior High Yes 1 Chelsea Phillips
Izard County Senior High Yes 1 Chelsea Phillips
JA Fair Senior High Yes 2 Edmond Hampton
Jack Robey Junior High No 3 Duane Jackson
Jackson County Senior High No 1 Katelin Rickman
Jacksonville Middle Yes 2 Sara Kelly
Jacksonville Senior High Yes 2 Chris Cross
Jessieville Junior High Yes 3 Lydia deSambourg
Jessieville Senior High Yes 3 Lydia deSambourg
Johnson County Westside Junior No 4 Debbie Johnson
Johnson County Westside Senior Yes 4 Debbie Johnson
Jonesboro Senior High Yes 1 Krisie Holmes
Junction City Senior High No 3 Allen Simmons
Kimmons Junior High Yes 4 Tyler Morris
KIPP Delta Blytheville No 1 Jonathan Tomasello
KIPP Delta College Prep Yes 3 Elizabeth Garcia
KIPP Delta Collegiate High Yes 3 Elizabeth Garcia
Kirby Junior High Yes 3 Tina McGrew
Kirby Senior High Yes 3 Tina McGrew
Kirksey Middle Yes 6 Kameron Parmain
Lake Hamilton Junior High Yes 3 Jacob Richardson
Lake Hamilton Middle Yes 3 Beth Parks
Lake Hamilton Senior High Yes 3 Jacob Richardson
Lakeside Junior High Hot Springs Yes 3 Teddy Nguyen
Lakeside Junior High Springdale Yes 5 Rachel Cornett
Lakeside Senior High Hot Springs No 3 Mark Langley
Lamar Middle No 4 Jessica Young
Lamar Senior High No 4 Jessica Young
Lavaca Middle Yes 4 Eva Martin
Lavaca Senior High Yes 4 Eva Martin
Lead Hill Junior High No 6 Kailey Miller